The Materials Management Group

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150 Blackstone River Road, Worcester MA 01607

An innovative approach to material management

We provide recycling, treatment and

disposal of nontoxic building materials.

​​​​About Us

The Materials Management Group, (MMG) provides cutting edge recycling and soil treatment solutions 

beginning in the Northeast US and expanding nationwide. The Company provides solutions for 

remedying soils on commercial development through innovative chemical blending using recycled 

materials. In addition, the Company has the opportunity to become a leader in gypsum recycling, which 

is a lucrative and captive market. Gypsum Wallboard, an essential material in commercial building, is 

also a central platform for soil remediation technologies developed by the Company. The Company will 

focus on a selective number of materials in its first year of operation: marginally contaminated soils 

from commercial development, gypsum wallboard, asphalt shingles, tires and carpet Each of these 

materials is considered a waste, but with manipulation can be blended or reformulated into a saleable

end product.

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New Recycling Facility Open in Massachusetts!